I can't believe it's Friday already. Between editing, my little and I being sick AGAIN, this week flew by.  I was drinking my coffee, while baby napped, and I realized that I SUCK at blogging my sessions. I admit, I use my Instagram as a platform for my "blogging " and I probably should start showing more of my work on here.  While, I can't show all sessions, because I want to respect the privacy of my couples and my families, here are just a few things I've been working on in the mean time :)






Dance Studio Wedding- T&K

T and K are two of the sweetest souls you will ever meet. They both have a giant love for music, each other, and God. Their wedding was on a Tuesday and it was so laid back and fun.  I came a few days before to check out the lighting and help set up a little and as I was there, K started to play the guitar and sing. IT WAS AMAZING, YA'LL!! Their wedding was so much fun and they had two of  my personal favorite foods... In N Out and Krispy Kream's. I am so excited to share this sneak peak of their special day.


Main Photographer: Alexes Lauren Photography; Second shooter: Karissa Morgan at; Assistant: Ime'Unique Johnson @ImeUniqueJohnson

Brittany and Chad Wedding Sneak Peek

 It's always really great when old friends contact me to take their photos, but it's ten time better when they ask me to photograph their wedding day for them. I am very excited to finally share this sneak peek from Brit & Chad's wedding!!!  This was such a beautiful wedding in Newport Beach and the weather was PERFECT! These two are the definition of true love. The way they care and love for each each other is beyond words.  While Brit and Chad exchanged vows, Brit also had some vows for Chads daughters. I don't think there was ONE dry eye in the house, I know I was holding back the tears the whole time. Here is a tiny piece of their beautiful day :)


Thank you again to my two shooters, Alex and Jennifer! You girls ROCK

Engagement- B&C

I am very excited to share this engagement session. I have been looking forward to this since they booked their wedding with me :). B and I went to middle school and high school together, so I feel honored that I am going to be photographing their wedding this coming August. Here are some photos from their beautiful lake engagement. 


Not so MIA

If you have been to my little corner of the internet, and visited my blog portion of it, you will see that I have not posted on here since April :(.  I have been so busy, which I LOVE, that I honestly have not even been able to sit down and get all my post for the last few months together. I promise you, there will be tons coming soon. For more of my recent work, please check out my Instagram  or feel free to email me :)


 Until next time!!





Pretty Gypsy Cosmetics

HELLO people of the internet! My dear friend, and owner of Pretty Gypsy Cosmetics, is here to hang out for the day!!! She makes the most beautiful eyeshadow you have ever seen, out of her cute little beach house! I am totally obsessed with it, and her (she is my spirit animal :) ). I don't wear eye-makeup every often, but lately, I have been rocking this left and right! Here is a little behind the scene look of her shoot last week!

Check out her Instagram @PrettyGypsyCosmetics and while you are there, go to her shop and see all of her new pretty colors! 



L, C and P

I love being able to reconnect with old friends. I got the opportunity to take photos of this family last week and it was a blast! Watching L's son play around and explore in the water, reminds me of when I was little and wanting to be outside all day.  The love this family shares is beyond words. 

Happy Thursday :)

J and A Maternity Session

Last week I got to do a session with some friends that I went to high school with. They are expecting their first child next month!!! These two have the sweetest souls and it was so much fun to take their photos, chat about life and just hang out. I am so excited for them to have their little bundle of joy arrive very soon! 

Are they not just so perfect?! and J is glowing! I can't wait for their Fresh48 when baby comes!!!

Ryan Sisters

Last week I got to hang out and take some pictures of some old friends of mine. We grew up cheerleading together, so this was a really special shoot for me. Kendyl, is graduating from Hygienist school and Kayli is about to graduate and become a Physical Therapist Assistant! I am so proud of these two! 

Congrats to both of you girls!