Stacy and Jesse- Palm Springs Excursion

 Stacy and Jesse are two of the most down to earth people I have ever meet. When we first met for coffee a few months back, we instantly clicked.  I have been DYING to shoot in Joshua Tree and when they said they are outdoorsy people, and that they love Joshua Tree, I was like "LETS GO, RIGHT NOW!"  We started off the day in Palm Springs,  going to a few different locations, then we headed to Joshua tree. Jesse is so sweet and endearing towards Stacy, and she just adores every piece of him. He is a chef and She was a waitress but now  works in the medical field. They met while at work and there was some kind of bet that went on about heart shaped pancakes, and now... they are getting married in just a few short months. They have so much fun stuff planned for their wedding that really is going to show who they are as a couple and it's going to be super super kick ass!!  The love they have and the love that is expressed throughout these photos, is no doubt a real life love story.

If you want to know where those Tacos are from, they are from the Saguaro Hotel in Palm Springs. They are THE BEST TACOS I have ever had!  I highly suggest you make that drive out there for them, and the fun atmosphere.